The Problem


MR Spectroscopy data is notoriously difficult to interpret; unlike with MRI data, radiologists are not trained to read MR Spectroscopy. At the moment, only specially trained spectroscopists—typically with doctorates in biophysics or related fields—are capable of reading the data. As a result of this technical barrier to entry, the power of MR Spectroscopy is not being utilized at its full potential in a clinical setting.


Unfamiliar Output

The output of an MRS exam can be difficult for physicians to easily read / interpret

Complicated Analysis

MRI vendor provided software does not allow for clinical diagnosis and current research based solutions require extensive training to use.

Time Consuming Processing

Current MRS protocols require a separate analysis step in which the data from the exam must be manually transferred for analysis

Our Solution


BrainSpec is a comprehensive web-based software platform designed to make MRS technology accessible to clinicians and researchers alike. The software combines a linear combinations model based post-processing back-end that represents the most accurate method of measuring brain metabolites with a highly intuitive and user-friendly front-end web-based user interface. This combination allows for high analytical performance while maintaining ease of use and results in reduced case processing time, leading to higher output and lower costs.

Cutting Edge Processing

Because we process all your data in the cloud, you always get the most up-to-date algorithms.

Available anywhere

Our browser based viewer means you can access your data from anywhere, any time, on any device.


Automatic reporting

Our context sensitive reports give you the most important information, automatically.

DICOM, RDA, TWIX, SDAT, G-file. MR spectroscopy data comes in plenty of different formats, and not every processing package will read every file. At BrainSpec we are working with the scanner manufacturers to ensure that no matter where your data comes from, you will be able to process it with us.

State of the art quantification not only gives a concentration estimate for all the metabolites, but also calculates the associated error, so you know just how reliable that number is. What’s more, we automatically color code the concentration table so you can see at a glance which values you can trust.

Our cloud based system means that you can view the results anywhere – from your office, a patient’s bedside or the conference room, and on any device – PC, tablet or smartphone. Our server will interface directly with your hospital PACS to pull in all the other images acquired with the MRS, then when you are done with the analysis you can push your screenshots and reports right back again.

Each scanning protocol comes with a complete set of automatic reports generated for each examined case, to bring all the most important information from the exam together in one easy to reference place. Want to know which voxel has the highest concentration of choline, or how many voxels have significantly depleted NAA. It’s all in the report.